We provide highest quality solar PV solutions to our customers. We have partnered with world’s top quality and most dependable and credible brands in the business of solar panels, solar inverters, solar deep cycle batteries and charge controllers.


Cost of solar power over 25 years life of the system is less than ¼ the cost of power purchased from the electric utility company and 1/6 the cost of power produced by diesel generators at houses , offices, hospitals, commercial markets and factories. The pay back period of solar systems is around 4 years for battery less system and less than 7 years for system with batter back up.

It is well known fact that fossil fuels are depleting very quickly resulting acute shortage of energy which is affecting adversely the entire economy and daily life of common people.

There is huge load shedding in urban and rural areas nationwide. Even if electricity will be available its tariff will continue to increase at astronomical rates. Local production of electric power by Diesel and Gas Generators for residential , commercial and industrial is very expensive, inefficient and polluting the environment. UPS as a back-up source is not a solution in any respect because its in sufficient and very inefficient option, further due to frequent load shedding UPS batteries could not be charged properly.

Solar Power is a pollution free ,noise free , fuel free, maintenance free and cost effective in the long run to produce electric power near the load centers for houses, shopping malls, , schools, hospitals, offices, irrigation tube wells and factories.

These systems are typically in the 25W to 250W range. They are stand-alone and do not require grid electricity supply. Our affordable DC systems include solar panels, heavy duty solar batteries, charge controller, and long-life LED lights. DC fan and other appliances may be purchased separately. These systems are typically purchased off-the-shelf and installed by the consumer. We also offer larger systems for Rural Community Electrification.

Our Industrial Solar Systems are grid-enabled and battery-less. They automatically and seamlessly synchronize to any 220V AC power source, such as a generator or the grid. They are typically in 10s of KW to 100s of KW to MW range. Industrial systems are very cost effective. Their primary purpose is to save on electricity and fuel bills as opposed to providing protection against load-shedding. They provide significant savings over grid electricity and electricity generated by on-site generators. Payback period of our industrial systems is 6 years. See detailed calculations on our economics page.

Our 4KW Starter Industrial System enables assessment of solar power production, reliability, and pay back with a small amount of investment.

Our solar systems can operate your existing conventional air conditioner. Please specify manufacturer, brand, and model number when requesting solar system information. Minimum 1.5KW solar system is needed for 1-Ton air conditioner. Minimum 2.0KW solar system is needed for 1.5-Ton air conditioner. For system requirements and details, please see hybrid solar systems.

As part of our solar systems, we also offer inverter technology based air conditioners. Our air conditioners are more efficient than conventional air conditioners and draw no in-rush current making them ideal for solar applications.

Inverter technology enables the compressor to work at maximum speed and capacity to achieve targeted room temperature, then reduce speed to maintain comfortable temperature. In contrast, compressors in conventional air conditioners work at fixed speed, wasting electrical energy in ON/OFF cycling.

Our air conditioners are available in ratings of 1 ton (12,000BTU) and 1.5 ton (18,000-22,000BTU).

As part of our solar systems, we offer most efficient and durable LED based lighting solutions. We offer interior and exterior lighting including LED Street Lights and Floodlights. Outdoor lighting solutions are offered with a central solar system. We do not recommend distributed pole-mounted systems because of reliability and maintenance issues with these systems. Lights based on LED technology are 3 to 5 times more efficient than completing technologies, maintain their intensity level, and have a lifetime in the range of 10,000 to 50,000 hours.

The solar tube well is among the most effective tool which can help curb the rising irrigation cost for the farming community and solar tube well system is affordable solution for the agriculture sector.

this shall further help mitigate harmful emission. According to to on estimate per hour cost of running an average size tube well on electricity is RS. 160/- on diesel it is Rs. 198/- and on solar energy it is Rs. 50/- per hour farmer who have tube well with less than feet water table can save Rs 110/- per hour and hence Rs. 316,800/- per year with solar tube wells compare to electricity run tube well.